Just a few drinks can change how memories are formed

October 2018 Science daily;One of the many challenges with battling alcohol addiction and other substance abuse disorders is the risk of relapse, even after progress toward recovery. Even pesky fruit flies have a hankering for alcohol, and because the molecular signals involved in forming flies’ reward and avoidance memories are …

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Why Kenya must move to phase out lead in paints

2018 October BusinessDaily;Kenya is expected to join the world in marking ‘the Sixth International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action’ from October 21 to 27. This affords the country the best opportunity to renew its commitment to implementing the recently enacted regulations restricting use of lead in paints to avoid …

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Startups Plan the Health Data Gold Rush

October 2018 the-scientist;Even if you’ve never heard of IQVIA, the company most likely knows some things about you—if only in anonymized form. As Harvard University fellow Adam Tanner documents in his 2017 book Our Bodies, Our Data, IQVIA (formerly IMS Health), along with other companies such as IBM and Lexis-Nexus, regularly …

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Traces of weedkiller found in baby food

August 2018 TheStandard; A new study has raised fears that 95 per cent of breakfast snacks fed on children are laden with cancer related herbicide. According to studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group, a US-based public health organisation, 43 out of 45 oat-derived products sampled were found to have significant levels …

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Eating dinner earlier could reduce cancer risk

August 2018 Medicalnewstoday; Uncovering simple lifestyle interventions that may reduce cancer risk is a major focus of medical research. Most recently, the timing of our evening meal has come under scrutiny. According to a study that was conducted at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health in Spain, eating your final …

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