NHIF reverses Sh495m paid for revenue system

January 2020 BusinessDaily; The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) says it has reversed payment of Sh495 million made to an IT firm for the Integrated Revenue Management system. The money was part of the audit query that former Auditor-General Edward Ouko had raised in his report for 2017/2018. Through documents …

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KENYA: Hazards kept at bay with ruling on smoking

December 2019 theStar; “I saw several Spaniards on the island of Hispanola who were reproached because of their bad habits. They answered it was impossible for them to stop smoking.” Bartholome de las Casas Other than ‘discovering’ America, the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, influenced the growth and use of Nicotina tobacum what …

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Kenyans earning more and living longer: Study

December 2019 Business Daily; Kenyans are earning more on average; they are living slightly longer and staying in school for more years, boosting the country’s Human Development Index up one notch from position 148 in 2017 to 147 last year. According to the latest United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) index …

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Trans-fats – a master of disguise

December 2019 theStar; There is one thing that everyone in the nutrition field, myself included, agrees on – foods containing artificial trans-fats are absolutely the worst you could eat. We’ve long suspected that trans-fats increase the risk of heart disease by promoting inflammation, and we now have good quality evidence …

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