NIGERIA:Tinubu Urges the Appointment of Medical Doctors as Health Minister

May 2012 ThisDayLive;Policy conception and implementation with regard to Health  and development issues will benefit greatly if medical doctors are appointed Ministers of Health in Nigeria. Former, Governor Tinubu made this assertion while receiving the leadership of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA),  who paid him a courtesy call ahead of their annual national conference commencing on Thursday.

Tinubu says he remains an advocate of having a medical practitioner as Health Minister so that from the knowledge base,  the person brings to the office, he or she can respond to the challenges and opportunities of modern health systems. “The medical profession is quite dear to my heart, that is why I pay close attention to developments in this sector and in the past I have demonstrated great support for the medical profession. We live in an age where medical technology is advancing and Nigeria must position to take advantage of these developments”.

He decried the low investment in health and related research and insists that in 13 years of leading Nigeria, the current government can not point to any substantial investments made in the health sector. “How much is Nigeria investing on health, training of doctors and research?”, he asked.
Tinubu said the average Nigerian has not witnessed any improvement in the health facilities and services he enjoys.

He commended the NMA for choosing the theme  e-Health for this year’s conference because it will permit  for a new awareness and help build a strong push for the use of e-health.

The National chairman of the NMA, Mr. Faduyile thanked Tinubu for the audience and said the positive disposition of his government while he was governor towards Health and health professionals which led to major health care improvements  is now a reference point.  ‘ You laid a good foundation for health development in Lagos state and that is now a reference point. We are poised to reposition our association towards engaging the system constructively towards ensuring that the health sector continues to receive priority.”


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