Presidential Advisory Council to Discuss Health Education- Rwanda

April 2013 The New Times; The 12th meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) members kicks off today(4th April) in Kigali with a focus on Rwanda’s economy, health and education, according to a statement from the President’s Office.

“Following the previous PAC meetings, the overarching aim of the discussion is to identify new tangible initiatives that will continue to accelerate the country’s growth,” reads part of the release.

The two-day forum will highlight the state of the country’s economy and the medium term prospects, harnessing the 12 Year Basic Education opportunities and the provision of improved health services.

It will also review the implementation of initiatives that arose from the previous PAC meeting.

The 11th meeting, held in Boston, US, and chaired by President Paul Kagame, dwelt on tapping potential investors to Rwanda, especially the interest of Chinese investors and also discussed false media reports that tarnish the country’s image.

PAC, a 23-member council, was formed in September 2007 and meets twice a year, chaired by President Kagame, with the aim of identifying new and practical interventions that will drive forward Rwanda’s socio-economic transformation.


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