TANZANIA:Barclays Raises Tsh 187 Million for Maternal and Infant Health

December 2013  DailyNews; BARCLAYS Tanzania has dished out Tsh 187 million for CCBRT Hospital and Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) through fundraising initiative.”

‘Step Ahead’ to support maternal and infant health to mother and child in the country. With the support of corporate and community partners across the country, Barclays raised Tsh 187m in cash and in-kind contributions valued at Tsh 225m.

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam at the weekend while handing over two checks to CCBRT and AMREF, Barclays Head of Marketing and Communications, Ms Neema Rose Singo said that the funds would assist both organisations in improving maternal and health services in many parts of the country.

“Barclays is dedicated in playing a role in supporting the needs of the communities we do business in and will continue to support a worthy cause to help make lives much easier.”

“Barclays has adopted maternal and infant health as its flagship cause in Tanzania and our fundraising initiative will continue to focus on social welfare through bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to serve majority of women and children who are in need of medical assistance in the country,” she said.

She said that the funds collected through Step Ahead were handed over to CCBRT and AMREF and each received Tsh 93,490,847 million to facilitate their individual initiatives towards maternal and infant mortality reduction.

On her part, CCBRT’s Deputy Chief Executive, Ms Haika Mawalla thanked Barclays for their great support and pledged that the funds would be used to assist lives of many women and children who are in need of medical assistance across the country.

“With these funds, we are able to do much more and reach many people who need the medical attention, the funds will be used to improve laboratory and purchase various medical equipment, as well as training of midwives and midwife assistants and reproductive health education to many women in the country,” said Ms Mawalla.

She said the funds also will be allocated to buy theatre equipments and she called upon women to show up for free treatment of fistula and various diseases including mouth open and provide free education on fistula to women in all walks of life. AMREF Programme Manager, Dr Beati Mboya said that these funds will be used to train nurse midwives as well women in rural areas about reproductive health, maternal and infant health education.

“These funds will go into supporting the improvement of human resources for health in Tanzania and we shall be training a number of nurse midwives over a period of two years and we expect over 15,000 women and children in Kilindi District to benefit from this project,” he said.

He further said that on the side of infant and maternal health, the bank has partnered with Plan and Care international to improve the quality of life for poor people, by extending and developing access to basic financial services and with Junior Achievement (JA) on youth work-readiness programmes.

Barclays Tanzania held its first Step-Ahead event in the year 2008 through which funds were raised and donated towards cancer treatment for children at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI). Introduced globally in 2004, Step-Ahead is a signature Barclays initiative which aims to create awareness and resources in support of community needs.



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