ETHIOPIA: Life expectancy rises in Ethiopia

May 2014  ertagov; Ethiopia’s average life expectancy has improved significantly, said World Health Organization (WHO).


According to its report on the state of health around the world for 2014, Ethiopia has achieved the second biggest gain with a rise in the average life span from a low of 45 years in 1990 to 64 years in 2012.


Ethiopia has been at the forefront of significant health improvement over the past decade, making it one of the few low-income countries on track to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in health.


Recently, the UN has singled out Ethiopia as a leading performer in meeting the MDG on reducing child mortality rates. Ethiopia has also substantially reduced HIV and malaria prevalence.


The report indicates all these improvements have contributed to the rise in average life expectancy in the country.

The 67th session of the World Health Assembly which opened on Monday (19May 2014) in Geneva is expected to adopt new global measures to consolidate the successes achieved so far and tackle emerging health problems.


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