TANZANIA: Health Sector Funds Set to Increase to 15 Percent of Budget

June 2015 DailyNews; THE government will put in place strategies to collect more revenue to be able to increase budget allocation in the health sector to 15 per cent in accordance with the Abuja Declaration.

The Abuja declaration requires that governments allocate 15 per cent of the total budget to the health sector toimprove health services in African nations.

This was said in Parliament by the Deputy Minister for Finance, Mr Mwigulu Nchemba, when responding to a supplementary question from Dr Hamisi Kigwangalla (Nzega -CCM).

Dr Kigwangalla wanted to know priority areas of the government and new sources of revenue that will enable the government increase funding to the health sector to 15 per cent.

The deputy minister for Finance said the government was well aware of the Abuja Declaration requirements, including the need for African governments to allocate 15 per cent of their budgets to the health sector to improve health services.

He said the government has been unable to reach the 15 per cent target due to tight budget allocations compared to other public needs, which also need funds.

Touting his presidential theme, ‘Change is action, the time is now,’ Mr Nchemba chipped in that the 5th administration would ensure the 15 per cent allocation of the budget to the health sector was reached, through prioritising revenue collection and tightening expenditure.

He said the next regime would ensure control of drugs to ensure the public gets medication from public hospitals instead of buying them from drug stores next to public hospitals, most of which were owned by health practitioners.

Responding to the basic question from the same legislature, Mr Nchemba said in the 2015/16 financial year more than 1,580bn/-, which is 10 per cent of the total budget, has been allocated to the health sector and in the 2013/14 more than 1,490bn/-, which was also 10 per cent of the total budget, was approved by Parliament to the health sector.

He said the health sector was dependent on other sectors, such as water, transport, nutrition and environment, adding that once they improved the budget, the health sector would also increase.

In his basic question Dr Kigwangalla had wanted to know when the government would increase the health sector budget to 15 per cent as required by the Abuja Declaration.


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