MALAWI: Malawi Fails to Employ 51 Doctors, Lesotho Recruits 21

November 2015 NyasaTimes; Malawi government hit hard by cash flow problems, has failed to employ 51 doctors, 21 of which have now secured jobs in Lesotho.

President of Medical Doctors in Malawi Association, Douglas Lungu confirmed the development.

“We have sunk so low, this government has really sunk so low,” fumed Lungu, a medical doctor himself by profession.

He said it is sad that the government cannot find money to recruit the medical doctors yet it found money to train them. It is estimated that it costs K31m to train one doctor so the government spent K620m in training the 51 doctors.

Martha Kwataine of Malawi Equity Health Network said this was typical example of the government misuse of taxpayers money.

“It is sad that we have trained doctors using Malawi taxpayers money just to surrender the dictors to some countries that did not spend any money on them for training,” she said.

She said the government needs to recruit the remaining doctors as soon as possible before they get job offers elsewhere. A few months ago, the government withdrew job offer letters to 300 nurses citing lack of money as the major reason.

The country is facing the worst economic crisis ever forcing the president cancer some foreign assignments as government funding in its departments is now more erratic than ever before.

Kwataine urged the government to have its priorities right, saying public hospitals are already facing acute shortages of medical doctors and other health workers.



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