TANZANIA: New Technology Brings Hope to Diabetic Patients

February 2016 DailyNews; Thousands of Tanzanians with diabetes will now be able to send their glucose levels to doctors using a smart technology devise introduced by Cumii International to provide efficient management of diabetes.

The innovative device that will be launched in Tanzania within the next one month is among two other innovative brands namely, Cumii Connected Car, Cumii Energy that will revolutionize lives and save millions of shillings for Tanzanians.

The innovative products focus on the new disruptive technology referred to as the Internet of Things (IOT), the means by which devices are connected to people, and how devices connect to other devices.

This new technology is expected to revolutionize the existing smart technology market of Tanzania, as they will provide practical and essential solutions to consumers in both urban and rural areas.

Norman Moyo, the CEO of Cumii International, said he was excited about being a pioneer flagship brand in the Internet of Things, which can help transform the lives and businesses of millions of Africans. “We have received great interest from telecommunications, logistics, insurance and healthcare sector in Tanzania.

So much so that we are accelerating our implementation plans to bring Cumii Car, Home and Health products into the market much sooner than we had originally planned.”

Over the last 15 years most African countries have been focusing on connecting people to people through various solutions with mobile technology emerging as a leading solution in Africa.

In Tanzania, for example, mobile technology has enabled connectivity to about 33 million people. Mobile technology, which has allowed Africa to leap frog connectivity, is now rolling out 4G technologies, while many countries in Europe and USA have not rolled out similar networks. Mobile data is experiencing exponential growth in Africa mainly driven by social media.

“Whereas connecting people has been a major achievement of the mobile industry, we believe that a new era of connectivity will emerge and we at Cumii International are placing our bet on the next revolution being that of connecting people to devices, and devices pointing to other devices, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, he said.

“Africa is on the threshold of a new era of innovation and change with the convergence of industry powered by computing, analytics, low cost sensing and higher level of connectivity.

This is bringing a profound transformation to many aspects of daily life and our ways of working”. The flagship brands that will be launched in Tanzania include: Cumii Health, that seeks to provide efficient management of Diabetes in Tanzania, Cumii Connected Car the fleet management and asset tracking solution and Cumii Energy – a centralised energy management solution.

Tanzania is part of Cumii International’s key Pan African markets that includes Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, DRC, Uganda and Nigeria rolling out connected services as part of its suite of Internet of Things (IOT) services in Africa.


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