TANZANIA: Misungwi MP to Investigate Medics’ Owned Pharmacies

july 2016 DailyNews; Medical doctors at Misungwi District Hospital came under strong accusations here yesterday, accused of stocking their private pharmacies with drugs, leaving the public health facility in acute shortage of medicines.

The former District CCM Youth Wing Chairman, Mr Alexander Mnyeti, made the allegation at a meeting that the Misungwi Legislator, Mr Charles Kitwanga, also attended.

Amid deafening cheering from ‘wananchi’, Mr Mnyeti who was recently appointed Arumeru District Commissioner (DC), said the district hospital lacked the essential supplies like drugs while the medics’ owned pharmacies were fully stocked.

“I would better say this to you before I head to my new duty station. We have a problem here, our district hospital faces serious shortage of medicines while pharmacies owned by doctors are heavily stocked.

This has to be investigated,” said Mr Mnyeti. Responding to the allegation, Mr Kitwanga despite promising to lead the investigation, tasked the district council to work on the matter and take action. He said gone are the days of ignoring such serious allegations against public servants and called on all the responsible parties to take the message and act accordingly.

Contacted for more clarifications on the allegations, the Acting District Medical Officer, Dr John Nyorobi, told the ‘Daily News’ that doctors working at the district hospital had the right to conduct any income generating activity.

He said basically, the doctors like any other Tanzanian were right to own pharmacies, provided they followed all the required procedures. “I don’t find any logic in these allegations because doctors, like other citizens, are not restricted from operating private pharmacies if they were officially licensed,” said Dr Nyorobi.However, he said the district hospital had enough drugs in its shelf and that more other supplies to cater for the needs were underway.

Earlier, Mr Kitwanga handed over various items worth 9m/- including 150 mattresses that will be distributed to different health facilities and 10 sewing machines to be distributed to a number of women entrepreneurial groups in the constituency.

He pledged for more support as part of the initiative to improve social services and infrastructure, assuring the electorates full presence different from the past when he was a member of the cabinet.

He said some 27m/- from the Constituency Development Fund will be allocated to manufacture missing desks while other 268m/- will be allocated for the completion of ongoing water projects.

The former minister for home affairs also asked women and youth entrepreneurs to stay tuned as the 50m/- pledged for them are soon coming but challenged them to make sure they had their groups registered first.

“Please make sure your groups are fully registered to be eligible to receive these funds. Otherwise I am now back and we will talk and do a lot together,” he said.

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