Alcohol consumption and fecundability: prospective Danish cohort study

September 2016 bmj; In summary, our study showed that consumption of 14 or more servings of alcohol a week was slightly associated with reduced fecundability, but consumption of lower amounts seemed to have no discernible effect on fertility. Nonetheless, because the fetus may be particularly vulnerable to alcohol during the first few weeks after conception, it would seem prudent for women who are actively trying to become pregnant to abstain from alcohol during their fertile window until a pregnancy has been ruled out.

What is already know on this topic

  • Women trying to become pregnant are advised to abstain from alcohol consumption, although the extent to which alcohol consumption affects female fecundity is unclear

  • Some studies have reported that low to moderate levels of alcohol consumption are associated with decreased fertility

  • Other studies reported no association or even a positive association between moderate alcohol intake and fertility

What this study adds

  • Consumption of less than 14 servings of alcohol a week seemed to have no discernible effect on fertility

  • No appreciable difference in fecundability by level of consumption of beer and wine was apparent





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