ALGERIA: New Bill On Health Is Modern, Consensual

October aps; The new bill on health, which will be examined Tuesday in the meeting of the Council of ministers, is “modern and consensual,” affirmed Saturday, in Oran, Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abdelmalek Boudiaf.

In a statement to PAS, Boudiaf underlined that this bill, which will be examined in the next ministerial council, is on the modernization of management and services, underlining that it is “the fruit of a broad discussions and a consensus of all the professionals of health.”

“This project will make up for the omissions in the previous laws on health and will ensure to be in line with the changes facing the society,” underlined the minister, adding that the bill provides for many novelties aimed at modernizing the sector to meet the needs of the population at the qualitative and quantitative levels.


In this regard, the minister talked about eight new chapters in this new law, which consists of 474 articles which were not included in the previous laws, which are devoted to the private investment in the field of health and code of ethics.

The minister ensured that the national plan of fight against cancer, initiated by the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, allowed achieving several gains for the patients, notably in increasing the number of the specialized units and centres throughout the different regions of the country.

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