Agreement for Pharmaceutical Development in Africa Inked

November 2016 AlgeriaTimes; An agreement for the pharmaceutical development between Algeria and several Maghreb and African countries was signed Saturday in Constantine (431 km east of Algiers), on the last day of the 1st International pharmacy, parapharmacy, health and well-being show (SAIDALYA).

This cooperation agreement signed between the pharmaceutical operators of Algeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal aims mainly at “developing throughout Africa all the activities relating to the pharmaceutical field at the training, information and commercial levels,” said the event’s organizer Yacine Fersado.

This “cooperation” network, expected to “significantly” expand, will allow the African countries to “boost” their pharmaceutical industries considered today as “a financial windfall of a major importance,” according to Fersado, insisting on the urgent need to “coordinate” all the actions to achieve the development objectives outlined for this purpose.

This agreement signed between the Maghreb and African professionals will also allow “developing competencies and expertise” of these countries in search of a “sustainable” economic development, said the head of medical tourism at the Arab Tourism Experts Union (ATEU).

The Maghreb countries, particularly Algeria and Tunisia which “managed to establish strong cooperation ties notably at the pharmaceutical and medical levels should, henceforth, pave the way for partnership relation with the other African countries to provide these industries with all the necessary development means,” said Abderrahmène Jamai who called to extend the cooperation to other sectors.

The president of the National Union of Pharmacy Operators (UNOP), who insisted on the urgent need to “strengthen the national pharmaceutical industry,” called on the different participants ( sectors of health, trade and finance) to “efficiently” get involved in the development process of this industry.


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