MAURITIUS: Health Minister Urges Newly Qualified Doctors to Go for Super-Specialisation

January 2017 govmu; The Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Mr Anil Gayan, urged the 120 newly qualified doctors enlisted as pre-registration house officers to embrace the challenge of super-specialisation, which is considered as the medicine of the future.

The appeal was made today at a one-day induction course for pre-registration house officers held at Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre in Bell-Village. Pre-registration house officers refer to medical graduates who have completed their medical degree and are undertaking an 18-month internship in local hospital setup, following an entry examination. Participants were given an overview of the local health sector and apprised of their duties and responsibilities as doctors.
According to the Minister, the level of treatment in Mauritius has reached a plateau of development. He hence put forward the imperative for the new doctors to reach a higher level in other disciplines such as neurosurgery, orthopaedics, and oncology, similar to that achieved by the cardiac centre. “This will contribute to achieve Government’s vision of making Mauritius a centre of excellence for treatment of patients, both at the local and regional level,” he said.
The Minister called on the pre-registration house officers to acquire higher standards of scholarship, learning and professionalism taking into account the fact that they have the talents, knowledge and intelligence to match those of any foreign consultant. He reminded the officers that apart from practising as doctors, there were other avenues in their careers such as teaching and academia, research and clinical trials.
With regard to the future of medicine for Mauritius, Mr Gayan pointed out that prevention and primary care will be key features while highlighting that personalised medical technology will transform the practice of medicine in the years to come. With the upcoming e-health initiative, relevant data will be fed into health records, thereby contributing to better health outcomes, he said. He stressed the need to re-think the medical curriculum to prepare physicians for the digital health open platform.
The objective of pre-registration training is to enable medical graduates acquire the necessary skills in various specialities, under the supervision of experienced consultants and specialists, with a view to enabling them to function independently. Upon the completion of the internship, the medical graduates will be required to sit for an examination carried out by the Board of Examinations of India.

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