KENYA: US government suspends direct assistance to Ministry of Health

May 2017 DailyNation; The US government has suspended USAid direct assistance to the Ministry of Health until unspecified conditions are met.

USAid/Kenya and East Africa contracting officer Brian Woody says in a letter to the Kenyan government that activities such as salaries and wages, operations, domestic and international travel as well as meetings and workshops have been suspended.

It is not clear how long the suspension, which will affect national-level programmes overseen by Afya House, will be in place or what instigated it.


But the suspension was communicated to the Kenyan government on May 4, according to Mr Woody’s letter.

“Any activities conducted with the MoH during the period of suspension will not be reimbursed by the United States government,” says the two-page letter dated May 8.

Further, Mr Moody says USAid officials will meet informally with representatives of the affected programmes on Wednesday morning Lord Errol Hotel in Nairobi.

The US Embassy will issue a statement on the matter on Tuesday.

Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu did not respond to messages seeking comment.


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