ANGOLA: Angola With Two Percent of HIV Prevalence – Inquiry

July 2017 angop; At least two percent of the Angolan population is a HIV positive with high prevalence on women affecting (2.69 percent) against men ( 1.2 percent), indicates the report of multiple inquiries and health (IIMS) 2015-2016 released on Friday in Luanda by the National Statistic Institute (INE).

According to the document, the HIV prevalence is much higher on women living on urban areas, representing 3.0 %, against 1.7 % of those in rural zones, unlikely what is verified on men, whose rate is higher on rural zones 1.4 %, while other 1.2 % are recorded on urban zones.

 As regard to the provinces, the number of people infected by the disease varies considerably with the smallest cases recorded in the northern Zaire province, while the biggest figure is recorded in the southern Cunene province.

The report also indicates that three out of 10 children 31% of 12 and 23 months of age have been administrated with all the basic medicines, taking into account that it is considered that they have received the basic vaccines if they were assisted with at least a BCG dose, vaccine against measles and poliomyelitis.

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