KENYA:Kenyan health sector firms make deals worth billions

December 2017 BusinessDaily; Kenyan companies in the health sector have this year made a number of deals worth billions of shillings, but some of the deals are expected to be concluded in the New Year. Below are some of the deals.

MP Shah Hospital and HCG sign cancer care deal

MP Shah Hospital and Bangalore-based HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), one of India’s largest cancer treatment hospital chains, partnered with Cancer Care Kenya Ltd (CCK) to invest Sh644 million ($6.25 million) in a cancer centre in Nairobi’s Parkland’s area.

The centre, which is set to occupy two floors of the upcoming Sh800 million MP Shah Hospital complex in Parklands, will have oncology, physiotherapy and maternity wards with an expected capacity of between 100 to 300 beds.

Aga Khan University Hospital buys top-notch scanner

Last month, the Aga Khan University Hospital announced that it had acquired a PET CT scanner and cyclotron, a more advanced machine than a PET CT scanner — a first in East and Central Africa.
The machine is being installed and will be available to serve patients from March next year.

The technology will cut costs by about 40 per cent and enable doctors to identify health threats at the cell-level, enabling early treatment time for complex diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, brain and other central nervous system problems.

Omaera Pharmaceuticals in pact to sell Aids drugs

Biotechnology Company Immune Therapeutics in August signed a distribution agreement with Omaera Pharmaceuticals to buy over a million pills of Lodonal — an antiretroviral drug — and supply across the country.

Omaera is set to buy over 3.6 million Lodonal pills (once approved) in the second half of next year and 14.4 million and 28.8 million in the subsequent two years. J. Njoroge, managing director of Omaera Pharmaceuticals, said they had finalised the distribution agreement with Immune Therapeutics and had made commitments to launch Lodonal into Kenya and start exploring its potential for those suffering from HIV/Aids, cancer, and other ailments.

The company is awaiting an update of the approval from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

US investment firm set to make condoms in Kenya

American investment firm Restance Inc is set to start manufacturing condoms locally under a “major brand name” after pumping in $500,000 (Sh51.5 million) over the last few months.

The contract is part of a campaign designed to contribute to the United Nations’ goal of ending the HIV/Aids epidemic.


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