Map: A deadly virus is spreading across the globe. Here’s where coronavirus cases have been confirmed.

January 2020 NBCnews; Health officials worldwide are working to contain a coronavirus that has spread to several countries in a matter of days.

This map will be updated when more information is available. As of Jan. 24, coronavirus cases were confirmed in China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and the United States.

As of Friday, more than 900 people have been sickened and 26 have died since the start of the month, according to an NBC News analysis of data collected from China’s National Health Commission, province and city health departments, China Central Television, and the People’s Daily. China Central Television is a government-run station and People’s Daily is Communist Party-run.

While most of the cases and all of the deaths have occurred in China, officials feared that the busy travel season in advance of Saturday’s Lunar New Year would accelerate the virus’ spread. As of Thursday, three Chinese cities were on lockdown. Also Thursday, the chair of the World Health Organization emergency committee said it was “too early” to declare the coronavirus a global public health emergency.

The Chinese government, which is looking to avoid a repeat of the 2003 SARS outbreak, has warned officials not to cover up the spread of the virus. The South China Morning Post reported Tuesday that Beijing said anyone who withheld information would be “the sinner of a millennium to the party and the people” and would be “nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity.”

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