Rwanda recalls Kenyan-made antibiotic over quality

February 2020 BusinessDaily; Rwanda has recalled two batches of the Azithromycin antibiotic imported from Kenya following multiple complaints from users.

The antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia; sexually transmitted diseases; as well as infections of the ears, lungs, skin and throat.

It is manufactured by Laboratory and Allied Ltd.

The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) banned the Azithromycin dry suspension 200 mg/5ml (Zerocin) with batch number 74346 of 05/2019 and expiry date of April 2021 and another batch number 74261 of 04/2019, with the expiry date of March 2021.

“The powder of azithromycin dry suspension 200 mg/5ml (Zerocin) was found with effects of powder caking which make reconstitution hard,” Dr Charles Karangwa, the acting director-general of Rwanda FDA, said in a statement.

This comes just four months after Rwanda recalled Paracetamol Suspension 120 mg/5ml (Toto-moL®) – also imported from Kenya – on grounds of quality. The Paracetamol Suspension was made for children.

The FDA also instructed all importers, medical stores, pharmacies and hospitals to stop distribution of the drug and return the remaining stock to their suppliers within five working days.

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