KENYA: 20,000 jobs at risk in the healthcare sector due to financial distress – Report

May 2020 TheStar; About 20,000 jobs are at risk in the healthcare sector due to financial distress in addition to pay cuts being implemented, a report by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance shows.

There have been big losses in health-related SMEs, including smaller hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.

The report further shows that patients are not seeking treatment due to restricted movement and fear for safety at health facilities because of Covid-19.

The health sector has also experienced a 40 per cent loss in revenue due to cancelled elective surgery, reduced medical follow-ups and unpaid debts (NHIF/private).

The report states that inter-county movement will allow movement for patients seeking treatment in major cities including Nairobi and Mombasa.

As for the curfew, Kepsa has stated that curfew hours should be reduced to allow patient movement for treatment and follow-ups.

The report further added the reversal of the directive from MoH on cessation of elective surgeries.

But there are sector measures to ensure health and safety, which Kepsa has set.

The following are the measures set to guarantee health and safety;

• Positive case protocols: specialised infrastructure to create Covid-19 zones and safe areas for treating patients

• General workplace protocols: embed IPCPs (infection prevention control protocols) across all services

•General workplace protocols: provide testing protocols across facilities for health care workers (HCWs) and patients

•Promotion of contactless business: provide quality telehealth services.

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