KENYA :Doctor who opposed coronavirus vaccine dies of Covid-19

April 2021 the standard ;Kenya Catholic Doctors Association chairman Dr Stephen Karanja (pictured), previously accused of spreading false information on the coronavirus vaccine, has died of Covid-19.

Dr Karanja passed away today at the Mater Hospital where he was admitted to the High Dependency Unit.

A message seen by The Standard from his colleague Dr Wahome Ngare sent on April 20, said Karanja was admitted due to complications of Covid-19.

“He is not young and has underlying health problems yet he never left the frontline and has diligently continued taking care of his patients, including relatives with Covid-19, like a true medical soldier,” the message read.

It added, “He is in serious but stable condition and in very good able hands. Kindly keep him in your prayers. That is the best we can do for him at this point in time.”

In March, the Kenyan Catholic church was at loggerheads with the doctors association for spreading false information against the use of the Covid vaccine.

Karanja’s comments were further criticized by the Interfaith Council for National Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Anthony Muheria, who is also the Nyeri Diocese Archbishop.

Muheria said all churches in the country support the vaccine rollout.

Last month, the Catholic doctors argued that there is no need for Kenyans to take the vaccine, saying it is unnecessary.

Dr Karanja was against the distribution and administration of the Covid-19 vaccines.

On March 5, he was quoted by Nation saying, “It seems there is something Bill Gates has invested in that requires the whole world to be vaccinated. What that investment is, remains the million-dollar question.”

His comments came a few days after he released a statement on March 3 titled “Stopping Ravages And Loss of Human Life from Covid-19”.

The nine-page document narrated population control theories and claims about Covid-19 testing and treatment.

According to AFP Fact Check some of the recommendations to treat Covid-19 as explained by Dr Karanja included inhaling steam several times a day, taking Ivermectin tablets and following the Zelenko protocol, which entails taking a combination of drugs daily for a week.

The Zelenko protocol involves taking a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Azithromycin (an antibiotic), taken for seven days.

Medical experts say none of these methods have been proven to work.

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