KENYA:Toxic ugali, porridge: Kebs recall 27 flour brands from market

August 2021 theStar; Kenya Bureau of Standards has blacklisted 27 maize and porridge flour brands after they failed to meet quality standards.

In a statement on Saturday, Kebs said out of the 27, 12 are Maize brands while 15 are porridge brands.

The maize brands blacklisted include; Budget, Equatorial Ugali Afya, Fahali , Family and Pembe flour.

Others are; Riri,  Sima Tamu, Tupike, Ugali Bora, Unga Sawa, Uwezo and Ziwa.

Blacklisted porridge brands include; Soko Wimbi Mix, Winnies Pure Health-Ugali Afya, Greenhouse Pride Polished Wimbi with Milk Powder, Golden Porridge Flour Sour Uji Mix, Najah Nutrition Food Family Porridge, Natasha Porridge, Excellent Nutritious Porridge.

Others are; Split Peas Flour Unga Wa Bhajia, Generation Wimbi Porridge Flour, Famila Natures Food The Original Ujimix (sour porridge), Rest Food Products Afya Bora Kinara Porridge, Narisha Plus, Rimwambi Soya Porridge Mix and Wimbi Safi Marss.

Kebs said the brands have not complied with the requirements and therefore should not be sold to the public until further notice.

“Consequently, the manufacturers in the list are instructed to cease forthwith manufacturing or offering for sale the affected maize meal and composite flour brands,” Kebs said.

The manufacturers were instructed to recall all the substandard composite flour products from the market and institute effective corrective actions.

“We also take this opportunity to urge the public to notify us as and when they find the above brands in the market through our toll-free number 1545,” Kebs said.

In February, the Kenya Bureau of Standards seized Riri maize flour which was in the market despite not having certification marks.

The flour was seized in Makuyu, Gatundu, and Ruiru.

The agency said that the flour did not have certification marks, and has called upon Kenyans to be vigilant.

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