KENYA :Sh34m hospital in Nairobi to serve public workers

September 2021 Businessdaily ;Civil servants in Nairobi will from January next year have a dedicated hospital where they will be able to access health services at an affordable cost, Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has said.

NMS Director of Health Services Dr Ouma Oluga said they are in the process of completing a Sh34 million Highridge Hospital in Parklands that will be devoted to government employees including NMS staff as their first point of call for health services.

He said construction of the hospital is nearly complete and one it is open, it will significantly reduce the cost of health care access for government employees.

“The hospital will offer same services as other hospitals but we will preserve it mostly for civil servants and corporate clients, meaning those working in government parastatals. The construction is nearly complete then we have to start equipping it,” said Mr Oluga.

He said the construction of the hospital, next to Visa Oshwal Temple, began in April and work is now on the third floor.

The director said the idea behind the hospital is to reduce the cost of seeking for treatment by government employees who mostly seek same services in private hospitals which charge significantly higher fees.

Further, seeking treatment in the hospital will ensure that medical cover money goes back to the government who insure the same employees.

“We noticed that the cost of treatment for government employees is too high and the staff do not get value for money when they go to private schools. If for example you come for surgery, instead of paying Sh800,000 charged by private hospitals, you will be paying only Sh50,000,” he said.

Mr Oluga added that by having the civil servants going to Highridge Hospital is a statement of trust in public hospitals and services offered. “If one cannot get treated where you work, where do you want to consume the services you offer to residents? We are creating that sense of belonging,” said the director.

At the same time, he pointed out that the construction of the hospital is part of NMS’ expansion programme of health services in Nairobi County.

For instance, he said, Sh400 million has been dedicated in the financial year ending June 30, 2022 for rehabilitation of existing dilapidated health centres in the city.

The refurbishment work will focus on the county’s 104 health centres in a bid to enhance access to health services at ward level across the 17 sub-Counties.

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