About Us


Universal Health 2030

Founded in 2013, the Universal Health2030 (UH2030) – a research institution, innovator and leader in healthcare improvement, aim to support healthcare providers and health establishments design and implement innovative solutions to enable them;

  • Improve quality of care and patient safety.
  • Improve generation and use of research evidence to improve their system’s performance.
  • Develop capacity of institutions on measurements of quality and efficiency.

Why Research & Quality Improvement matters

The importance of assuring better outcomes through improved quality and risk management is now accepted as a vital element of clinical practice. Everyday, hospital directors and health services managers make critical decisions about how to organize health care services. Will data help us improve patient experience of care? Should we expand our services? How do we achieve better outcomes at low costs? These and many other decisions can lead to better results if they are informed by evidence. UH2030 can support you generate quality evidence that you require to make better decisions.

Our Tools & Initiatives

UNH23030 offers a variety of tools and strategies vital for success. These include:

  1. Quality of Care Improvement Programme. We offer excellent tools and methods (both quantitative and qualitative) for patient satisfaction assessment, clinical audit, monitoring, evaluation and measurement of quality of care. We promise tailored support and assistance in developing skills and capacity to meet your quality improvement goals and to make quality improvement a systematic part of your practice.
  2. Epidemiology and Research Support Programme. This innovative programme offers focused support in scientific writing, questionnaire and tools design, selection of indicators, descriptive and inferential analysis techniques (using STATA/SPSS/R). Further we provide support for preparation of accreditation and annual performance reports.
  3. Health care costing programme. We provide technical assistance to enable you allocate costs to health interventions, monitor costs, manage risks and respond to new provider payment models.

All our programs are available to the sector. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of our programs and to join our community of practice. Email us today on kihubaelesban@yahoo.com