Africa will be Short Six Million Healthcare Workers by 2030, But it Can Still Achieve its Commitment of Universal Health Care if it Takes Action Now

June 2016 gehealthcareNews; Sub-Saharan African populations and economies are growing at unprecedented speed with a population growth of 2.7% and economic growth of 4.4% annually. Africa has the fastest growing middle class in the world, with 313 million people (roughly the population of the US), 34% of Africa’s population. This …

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Breast-Feeding Boosts Intelligence and Global Growth

February 2016 SciDevNet; Breast-feeding children rather than using milk substitutes would add more than US$300 billion a year to the global economy, releasing money to deal with issues such as hunger, education and the environment, according to a study. The effects on children’s long-term health and cognition are so great …

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