Biased AI can be bad for your health – here’s how to promote algorithmic fairness

March 2021 TheConversation; Artificial intelligence holds great promise for improving human health by helping doctors make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions. It can also lead to discrimination that can harm minorities, women and economically disadvantaged people. The question is, when health care algorithms discriminate, what recourse do people have? A …

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Research suggests conscientious people may live longer

March 2021 medicalnewstoday; Personality traits make up how a person navigates through life, with some characteristics having a more positive effect than others. Conscientiousness, or the tendency to be organized, control impulses, and delay gratification, is one of the “Big Five” personality attributes included in the Five Factor Model. This model …

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Plastics in your table salt

February 2021 the Standard; Some of the table salt sold in Kenya is contaminated with tiny plastic particles, which may be a health risk to consumers. Salt bought from open markets and supermarkets in eight African countries, including Kenya, was tested, and found to contain plastic particles. “It is obvious …

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