UGANDA: Deploy Army to Salvage Health Sector

February 2016 TheObserver; A leading rallying call in the ongoing campaigns has been on the state of the health sector. Aware that every Ugandan at any one time requires health services and eager to find something to attract sympathy, opposition candidates have capitalised on whatever shortcomings. In the last election, …

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Theres Still Time to Stop the TPP From Cutting Off the Critical Lifeline of Affordable Generic Medicines

February 2016 msf; As representatives from the United States and 11 other Pacific-Rim countries gather in New Zealand Thursday to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, the fight to protect access to medicines in TPP countries is intensifying at the national level, with legislative processes starting that will determine …

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ETHIOPIA: Analysis of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Market

February 2016 prnewswire; This study offers an insight into the pharmaceutical industry of Ethiopia, where preference for generic, prescription drugs is growing. There is information on recent reforms introduced by the government (like tax benefits for in-country production, national strategy, and plan of action for pharmaceutical manufacturing development, growth and …

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