Services and Expertise

Strategic information/Health Information Systems:

UniversalHealth2030 recognizes the importance of information and intelligence in promotion of transparency and accountability in the Health sector. 

In this regards, the organisation usually access new research evidence, performance/ routine reports and repackage the information in a format that can easily be consumed by the general public. Social marketing is applied to promote access to this strategic information.

We believe transparency and accountability are important principles in our pursuit for universal Health in all developing countries. The organisation produces regular progress report on a countries’ Health System. We also apply home grown solutions to address prevailing challenges at the National, Sub National and at the facility level. We have a database of programs and projects working to improve access and coverage for health services. 

Policy Analysis:

Policies represent purposive course of action that a group (health sector) follow in dealing with a problem. It’s an outcome of a political process. This political process takes place at the International, National and in some cases at the Sub National government level.

Our Aim is to promote a participatory approach, and wider distribution of political resources to all stakeholders to foster ownership and empowerment.

The UniversalHealth2030 prepares policy briefs and articles on relevant topics for consumption by those entrusted to develop and implement policies. Other appropriate techniques can be applied to further the goal. 

Healthcare Financing and Investment:

The proportion of health expenditure in developing countries is well below the target 15% (of a Government budget).When these expenditures are measured against Total Population, the per capita Health Sector Spending in Developing Countries is Below the World Health Organization standard of US$ 60 per capita. Furthermore, the expenditures are characterized by high out of pocket expenditure and donor support. Donor support accounts for about 20% of Total Healthcare expenditure in Africa which amounts to more than US$ 10 Billion per annum. These funds are mainly channeled through Not for Profit Organisation.  

Universal Health2030 believes the health care financing landscape is mature for more innovative ways of attracting new investments whose returns can be aligned with priority health outcomes or outputs.

Health System and Policy Research: 

Health Systems are largely regarded as complex systems and highly contextual.  Universal Health2030 recognizes there is no single Health system and that the Institutional arrangement and the people relations determine the status of a Health System.  Based on this premise, we apply different methodologies to gather intelligence that can assist our Client visualize the big picture.