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ETHIOPIA: ‘No Smoking!’ Sign Unheeded

January 2017 TheEthiopianHerald; Walking around, ironic as it may sound you might have seen someone smoking leaning on the billboard indicating ‘No Smoking!’ Warning. Some smokers may not also care about others while walking puffing on crowded pedestrian walks. Citizens too lack the gut to tell the smoker upfront not …

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Regional Health Forum Participants Call for New Measures to Reduce Harmful Non-Communicable Diseases Across Africa and the Middle East

October 2016 amediaagency; Scientists, healthcare providers, policymakers and private sector companies met in Dubai for the first ever Middle East and Africa (MEA) Health Forum on ‘Harm Reduction for Healthier Societies’. With a focus on obesity and tobacco, participants at the inaugural forum considered some of the major developments and transformative innovations being adopted …

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